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I had always dreamed of owning my own business. Of course, I never  thought that would actually happen. When the opportunity came my way, I  was very reluctant to take on the challenge. I've never run a small  business. I don't know much about running a business. Would I have  enough startup capital? If I couldn't raise enough  how might I obtain startup capital? How do I keep the business assets  and liabilities separate from my personal? I had no idea where to even  start. Luckily, these, and many other questions, have been resolved with  the help of Allan Buhr.

Working with Allan gave me  confidence! Allan helped me understand what the options were for  obtaining and keeping startup capital. After speaking with Allan, I had  answers to questions about financing, organizing my  small business, planning for the future, managing financials, business  legalities, and many other questions a new business owner might have.

Starting a business can be  very intimidating and certainly brings with it feelings of fear and many  times, thoughts of turning back. When I would have these moments, if I  spoke with Allan, he would always point me  in the right direction and eliminate my fears with sound, good advice.

Having Allan as my small  business adviser gives me the peace of mind of knowing I am not alone  when things come up that I have never seen or have no prior experience  to handle. I would highly recommend Allan to any  small business owner whether you're just starting your first business  or you have been at it for years, Allan is an outstanding resource and  definitely someone you want on your team!

Janie Wilcox


JB Screening Partners